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The characteristics of the vortex air compressor

Author:adminAddtime:2020-05-24 09:47

    The unique design of scroll compressor makes its energy-saving compressor in the world today.Scroll compressor main run a vortex disk only's no wear and tear, and longer life, has been hailed as a maintenance free compressor.Scroll compressor running smoothly, little vibration, quiet environment to work and is known as' super static compressor.Scroll compressor of novel structure, high precision, has small volume, low noise, light weight, small vibration, low energy consumption, long life, gas continuous smooth, reliable operation, air cleaner, etc.Compressor has been hailed as a "new revolution" and "without compressor maintenance" is an ideal power source, pneumatic machinery widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, medical equipment, food packaging and textile industries and other occasions need compressed air.
     A scroll compressor, including: the drive shaft, to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, and have given the size of the eccentric department;The size of the cylinder, forming the established internal volume;Roller, the contact in the cylinder surface within weeks, and eccentric rotating installed on the outer surface, may carry on the rolling motion along the surface within weeks, with surface within weeks and form used in fluid intake and the compact operation flow coelomic chamber;Blade, flexible installation in the cylinder, make its contact with the roller continuous;Upper and lower bearings, respectively installed at the top and bottom of the cylinder, can rotate for supporting the drive shaft, and a closed internal volume;Oil flow, is set between the bearings and drive shaft, and make it uniform flow between oil;Discharge port, they are connected to a cavity flow chamber;Suction port, they are connected to a cavity flow chamber, and mutual isolation for given Angle;Valve components, it according to the rotation direction of the drive shaft, and the selective opening each one in the intake port to the port.
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